These four acts of collective worship can be used in conjunction with the RE materials on this website.  They could also be used to prepare for the visit of a bishop to your school or parish.

The first assembly compares a bishop’s role with that of Jesus the good shepherd. This idea is developed in the next three acts of worship which look at both Jesus and bishops as teachers, servants and spokespeople for the rejected of society.

The final act of worship concentrates on the Lord’s Prayer, the prayer used and loved by Christians of all denominations. This can be personalised by looking at nationalities present in your locality, or with which your school has links.

The assemblies should be adaptable for use in all schools, however, they have the broad structure of an Anglican act of worship and, as written, are particularly suitable in Church of England schools.


They contain liturgical greetings, a prayer, and words of dismissal which are shown in italics. They can be omitted if not considered appropriate in a community school.

Please click on the Collective Worship title below to download the PDF File.